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Get the best-rated roofing company in Sparks, NV. Trust us for top-quality roofing services you can rely on.

Top Roofing Contractors in Sparks, NV

CTR Roofing is your one-stop destination for roofing in Reno, NV. Our team of insured and knowledgeable local contractors offers high-quality and affordable roofing services.

Whether you need residential roofing, commercial roofing, or roof repair in Reno, we are here to serve our neighbors in Sparks with professionalism and excellence. 

Choose us for all your roofing needs in Sparks and nearby areas.

Top Roofing Contractors in Sparks, NV

Exceptional Residential & Commercial Roofing in Sparks

Say adieu to DIY hassles and trust our experts to provide a customized and unique solution for your roofing needs. 

Our experienced Sparks roofing contractors offer the highest quality of service at affordable prices. We guarantee our work will meet the highest standards and offer warranties for added peace of mind. 

We provide all kinds of commercial  & residential roofing in Sparks, NV, including:

  • Roof inspection
  • Roof repair
  • Roof maintenance
  • Roof installation 


CTR Roofing

When to Call a Roofing Company in Sparks, NV?

If you’re in Sparks, NV, and wondering when to call a roofing company, look for the following signs that indicate you may need assistance from the best-rated roofing company in the area:

Water Leaks: If you notice water flowing into your structure, it’s a clear sign of roof damage that requires immediate attention.

Excess Moisture and Rot: Moisture buildup and rot can weaken your roof’s integrity, leading to potential issues.

Curling & Eroding Shingles: Damaged or curled shingles can leave your roof vulnerable to leaks and further damage.

Missing Shingles: Missing shingles can expose your roof’s underlying layers to the elements.

Damaged Flashing: Damaged flashing can allow water to seep into your home or workplace.

Roof Age: If your roof is more than 20 years old, it may be time for a replacement.

Falling Roofing Granules: Granules falling off shingles indicate wear and tear.

Daylight in Attic: Daylight peering into your attic suggests the possibility of gaps in your roof.

If you observe any of these signs, contact our Sparks roofing company for roof inspection services near you. We’ll promptly send an inspection team to assess the situation and provide a proposal for a new roof or necessary repairs to protect your property from further damage. 

CTR Roofing

What to Expect from Our Roofing Services?

When you choose CTR Roofing services for your home or business, you can expect the following:

Free Inspection: We offer a complimentary inspection without any obligation or expense to assess your roofing needs.

Professional Evaluation: Our team of experts will conduct a thorough evaluation of your property and roofing requirements.

Detailed Estimate: After the evaluation, we will provide you with a free estimate and proposal, covering the roof type, installation procedures, and total cost.

Clear Communication: We will go over the estimate with you, ensuring you understand every aspect of the project.

Expert Roofing Services: On the scheduled day, our roofing specialists will arrive at your property and carry out the services with great workmanship and expertise.

Whether you need roof restoration or replacement, our Sparks roofing company is dedicated to delivering top-notch results that exceed your expectations. 

Trust us to provide exceptional roofing services that stand the test of time.

Roofing in Sparks Services FAQs

Signs like water leaks, damaged shingles, curling, and excess moisture can indicate the need for repair or replacement. Our experts at Roofing Sparks NV will inspect your roof and recommend the best solution.

Yes, all our roofing contractors are licensed, insured, and highly skilled in their job. They have extensive experience in handling various roofing projects. This allows them to ensure quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

The cost of a roofing project varies depending on factors such as roof size, materials, and complexity of the work. We offer free estimates and will provide a detailed breakdown of the costs before starting the project.

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our work and offer warranties on both materials and workmanship. Our team strives to ensure your roof remains durable and reliable for years to come.

Peace of mind

You can rely on our roofing experts

You should not attempt to inspect your roof yourself, as you could endanger your safety. You can rely on our roofing experts to identify any problems and provide you with peace of mind.

Reno Roofing Services

Kyle S.

“ Contacted me promptly. Provided a thorough, competitive estimate including photos of the damaged area. Completed work quickly despite bad weather (rain/snow) fitting my repair into one of few sunny days that week. Took photos of the repair which were submitted with the invoice. All work/estimates were done while I was at work which was very convenient, I never actually met anyone from the company. Paid via cc online. Absolutely seamless performance... pun intended. Highly recommend this contractor. ”

Sundae V.

“ This was the best experience ever! The owner David called with a quote fast! We were scheduled and the job done on a Sunday (because that day worked best with our schedule). The work these guys did was perfect, everything from the craftsmanship to the clean up was hands down AMAZING!! Thank you to the crew that came out and did such a great job!! ”

Tim Sisco

“ The folks at CTR were amazing. They were friendly, prompt, and fast. I had a non-roofing issue that required a huge ladder. Didn't bother those guys. They were happy to help me out. If / when I have any real roofing issues; I won't hesitate to call CTR! Thanks again, Fellas! =] ”

Warren Withers

“ Very efficient and price was very competitive. They had good communication throughout the process. Roof looks great. Clean up was not perfect but pretty good / acceptable. There are a million roofing nails that come off when the old roof is removed, so I can understand that a few can be missed. Overall I’m very happy. Haven’t had a rain storm yet, so I guess the real test is yet to come but I feel confident that they know what they’re doing. Thanks CTR 👍🏻 ”

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